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Workouts & Classes

Body Building

Putting on size can be a daunting task for many. I provide not only training, but counseling to build proper technique, diet, and a workout regimen to pack on muscle and mass in the healthiest way. 

HIIT & Cardio

Aerobic training is the foundation of all aspects of muscular fitness. So, it can not be avoided or ignored if you want to achieve optimal fitness. Under my training, you will learn how to effectively push yourself in order to improve cardiovascular and skeletal-muscular endurance.

Core Strength

Being a powerlifter, strength is my biggest area of focus. The vital key to gaining strength is understanding the importance of rest. Being wise with your lifting percentages, your rest periods, and rep-to-set scheme is crucial in order to gain optimal strength and avoid possible injury.

Sport-Specific Training

Being a former football player myself, I understand the importance of training designed to help you develop skills for your specific sport. I have taken the time to study and gain the knowledge needed to help athletes of all kinds build size, strength and the necessary skills to improve in their respective sport.

Body Aesthetics 

This is one area of fitness that the majority of my clients prioritize. Often times, we ignore how much diet, training style, and even genetics affect the way our bodies look. OMEGAFIT4L is dedicated to helping you find the best looking you, but more importantly, being satisfied with the best YOU that you can be.

Functional Training 

It is important to understand why you lift. Each person has different needs, different professions, and different ways they like to train. Functional training is emphasized with OMEGAFIT4L because it is crucial to train in a way that suits your lifestyle, profession, and the way you enjoy training.


My workouts are catered to the client. Exercise is not a money game, it is a prescription. And a prescription should suit the needs and the wants of the person it is designed for. Each training session is carefully laid out to provide each individual with the necessary exercises to improve in whichever area that is needed. There is never a need to feel unsure or afraid because each workout will be adjusted to your level of fitness.
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